Law firm specializing  in representation before the Constitutional Court, European Court of Human Rights and administrative proceedings

Before founding the law firm Šķiņķis Pētersons, the attorneys Matīss Šķiņķis and Mārtiņš Pētersons were practicing at one of the leading law firms in the Baltic region. Matīss and Mārtiņš are convinced that no one can know everything and that „a one-stop law firm” does not suit everyone. Matīss and Mārtiņš see their client as someone arriving to the next stop and receiving client-focused, bespoke advice. The scope of establishing the law firm Šķiņķis Pētersons is to provide direct and personal legal assistance.


Šķiņķis Pētersons is the law firm specializing in representation of clients before the Constitutional Court, European Court of Human Rights and in administrative proceedings. The firm’s attorneys are recognized trial attorneys with in-depth expertise in human rights, constitutional law and public administration, what is confirmed by a proven track record of successfully dealing with a variety of complicated and challenging cases. They have handled matters that are of vital importance not only for the respective client but also of public interest and social significance.